Australian Window Solutions





Double glazing is the most cost-effective way to minimise heat transfer.

PVC can be recycled up to seven times without any compromise in material quality.

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions for the life span of a home.

Australian Window Solutions are Adelaide's largest manufacturer of energy efficient uPVC double glazed windows and doors.

Since 2009, Australian Window Solutions have become the go to company for consistent and reliable supply for German engineered energy efficient uPVC windows and doors. We use leading European brands tested and certified in Australia for Australian conditions, including BAL40 (Bush Fire Attack Level).

Our products are manufactured right here in Adelaide, through our CNC driven automated production line giving the fastest turnaround in the industry with the most consistent quality and highly competitive pricing. We produce the widest range of products in South Australia including unique and exclusive colours and products that are only available for our customers.

In addition, we will be launching our new Passivhaus suite in 2023.

Services: Product/Materials

Location: Seaford 5169