Clover Green Space



Urban Design


CLOVER understands our role is to listen, facilitate, suggest and interpret information.

CLOVER approaches every project with a fresh mindset and an openness to possibilities.

CLOVER maintains an open engagement and design process to deliver a shared outcome.

CLOVER is a Landscape Architecture consultancy based in the Adelaide Hills.

The climatic, cultural, psychological, aesthetic, economic, social and transformative benefits of green spaces are realised through meaningful engagement, planning, design and integration with the surrounding environment.

CLOVER has been operating for over 5 years, established by Director, Craig Lovering, with over 25 years of national experience. CLOVER is now a team of six engaging and open, collaborative landscape architects. We value each project, and deliver a response suited to each client and environment.

Services: Design, Consulting

Location: Nairne 5252