Earthship Eco Homes



Greywater Gardens


Ecological materials: strawbale, hempcrete, earth-filled tyres, cob/adobe.

Water efficient homes that use greywater to grow food… year round.

Building homes that are naturally cool and cozy - using physics not fuel.

Earthship Eco Homes is dedicated to ecological and affordable housing that will survive heat waves and bushfires.

Founder, Dr Martin Freney, who studied sustainable housing for his PhD, is drawn to the off-grid and self-sufficient Earthship concept as his inspiration, creatively reinterpreting them for Australian conditions. Using a palette of rammed earth, straw bale, cob, earth-filled tyres, banana palms and peace lilies, Freney will design a home of immense beauty, thermal stability, self-sufficiency, and economy. If building with volunteers appeals to you, Earthship Eco Homes is a leader in on-site, sustainable construction courses.

Services: Construction, Design, Consulting

Location: Ironbank