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Better management and conservation of resources including water, land space, energy and labour.

Highly reduced water evaporation.

100% reusable, store and stack comfortably in your shed until the next planting season.

Focus Planting Australia are the proud designers behind the GrowWell™ Focus Planter gardening technology which is 100% designed, developed and manufactured in South Australia.

Discover a more sustainable approach to gardening:

Focus Planting Australia aims to make gardening simpler and less laborious. The GrowWell™ Focus Planter, inspires a new method to planting fruit, vegetables and ornamental plants.

GrowWell™ is a simple planter vessel that inserts into the ground utilising the earthy natural soil properties whilst conserving water and focussing nutrients to the plant via its innovative well design. GrowWell™ promotes an easier plant maintenance routine including significantly less weeding and soil preparation.

The family garden can grow healthier, stronger, organised, with significantly less weeding and much reduced watering. giving you more time to relax and appreciate your garden.

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Location: Rose Park