IO Energy

South Australian

Sustainable Energy

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Solar Without Solar

Supplies renewable energy.

Electrifies energy demand.

Maximises use of clean energy.

iO Energy is the smart electricity supplier for sustainable businesses and homes.

iO Energy delivers clean energy and lower bills to both homes and businesses. It is the preferred electricity supplier of the ASBN and winner of the 2021 Carbon Neutral Adelaide Awards.

Customers save their money and our planet with off-peak electricity pricing that rewards the use of renewable daytime energy.

iO Energy is the smartest choice for homes and businesses that are active during the day or have any flexible devices like EVs, electric hot water, heat pumps, hydronic and storage heating, home batteries, and programmable whitegoods.

iO Energy also helps its members to pay less for cleaner energy by applying data analytics to reduce average energy costs and understand the benefits of electrification (e.g. electric vehicles) and adding new appliances (e.g. home battery systems).

Services: Energy

Location: Adelaide