Ken Long

Chairman & Public Officer

Ken has been part of the ASBN since 2011. Starting as its first volunteer and then becoming the Secretary when the group first became incorporated. Currently as the Chairperson, Ken facilitate opportunities for people in the development industry and the greater community to engage with concepts of sustainable design and be inspired to implement them.

Ken is a Sustainability Consultant at dsquared Consulting, motivated by the opportunity to create a positive quality of life for people through sustainable built environments. Ken’s professional experience encompasses multiple facets of sustainable design consultancy to projects of all scales. This includes design optimisation, building performance simulation, green building ratings and life cycle analysis. With qualifications in Architecture, Sustainable Design and Ecologically Regenerative Design, Ken facilitates a holistic systems thinking approach to design problems.

Fun Stuff: Ken is an avid gardener, likes to play basketball, cycle around Adelaide and is working on a solid free hand handstand.

Claire Morford-Waite


Claire has had an interest in sustainability for many years, particularly around her home and workplace. Claire’s journey into sustainability picked up momentum in 2014 when she completed her Permaculture Design Certificate at the Food Forest. Filled with enthusiasm, Claire commenced a certificate in Horticulture the year after and in the same year, began studying Architectural Design at Adelaide University, which constantly challenges and inspires her to do more.

Professionally, Claire puts her Business degree to good use, as the Marketing Communications and Office Manager for a consulting firm in the city. Claire knows there is always more to learn and looks forward to diving deeper into sustainable building environments with the AdelaideSBN and through her studies.

Fun Stuff: A keen gardener and food grower, Claire enjoys planting seeds in random places around her garden and loves the excitement to see them emerge, particularly when she has forgotten what she planted and where!

Kerry Reed


Kerry joined the AdelaideSBN team in late 2014 with the hope of making a greater difference to the sustainability of our urban areas than she can alone through her design practice.

She works as a landscape designer and believes that a well-designed garden is just as important as a well-designed building in ensuring the best quality of life for people.

She holds qualifications in Garden Design, Design Studies, maj. in Landscape Architecture, Sustainable Design and Policy and Applied Social Research.

Fun stuff: gardening, building, netball, gymnastics, hiking and camping.

Lynda Curtis

Steering Committee Member

Lynda joined the Adelaide Sustainable Building Network in 2017 as part of her ongoing goal in understanding and assisting others in creating sustainable built environments.

She has a background in business management and now works in the energy arena in both the public and private sector.

Her work with State Government includes providing advice for building and renovating with energy efficiency in mind. She also facilitates sustainability workshops, such as the NRM/council funded Living Smart course.

Fun Stuff: anything Latin, dance, music, bike riding, nature.

Katherine MacDonald

Steering Committee Member


Adrienne Murrell

ASBN Photographer & Steering Committee Member

Tyler Lawrence

Steering Committee Member

Other Team Members

Adrian Hurley

Harsha Varghese

René Schlosser

Yaara Plaves

Past Steering Committee Members

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Tessa Sare – Past Treasurer

Cathy Ogeto – Past Secretary

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