Sustainability Consulting

Multi Award-Winning

Innovative Solutions

Futureproofing Buildings

Creating innovative solutions for more comfortable, healthy and sustainable buildings.

Pushing industry and government to create better regulations for the construction industry.

Designing and advising buildings that are inclusive for all occupants at all stages of life.

SUHO is an award-winning sustainability design and consulting research firm that delivers sustainable solutions for the built environment.

By providing innovative solutions for common problems in the building industry, we reduce pain points for property owners, tenants, investors, designers and builders. Our mission is to deliver a better future for all Australians by designing our buildings comfortably, intelligently, efficiently and organically.

Our services help you to save money, to breathe cleaner air and to live longer in healthy buildings. We believe that all industry stakeholders must take responsibility for improving the quality of the environment for future generations. So we make it our business to offer sustainable solutions for the built environment on both an individual project and a systemic level.

Services: Design, Consulting

Location: Edwardstown