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Creating sustainable buildings, communities and cities is not difficult. That is, of course, if you happen to know where to look and who to connect with.

By arriving at this Green Book, you are already part of a movement. Believe it or not, your interest in what solutions are available for better buildings and communities is supporting the creation a more sustainable future. You are not alone in turning curiosity into action.

We know first-hand the growing appetite from South Australian organisations, families and individuals who want to reduce their power bills, enjoy comfortable and healthy interior environments that are built to last and to lessen their impact on the environment.

We know this because we are regularly asked about who to go to for design, products and knowledge around the sustainable solutions you seek.

In publishing the Green Book, we want more South Australians to become aware of the plethora of CHOICE in organisations to engage with when seeking environmentally responsible outcomes.

Our organisation believes that there are many “shades of green,” because sustainable solutions in the built environment can take on many different forms while still encompassing common principles.

We want to reinforce that there is much DIVERSITY in services available in South Australia, and that there are opportunities to integrate sustainability into projects large or small, inside and out.