Need to take a look at some ASBN presentations from 2014? Watch all of them at once here or take a look one by one!


#001 Liddy Dolman – Ecolateral

Topic: Keeping Cool when Hot


#002 Phil Harris – Troppo Architects

Topic: Architecture for Hot Climates


#003 Martin Freeney – Earthship Ironbank

Topic: Earthships


#004 Ehsan Sharifi – University of South Australia

Topic: Heat Island Effect and Urban Greenery in Australian Cities


#005 Stuart Pope – Adelaide City Council City Design and Transport Department

Topic: Urban Design Framework of Adelaide


#006 Terry Dolman – TAFE SA

Topic: The Eco Build Experience


#007 Julian Rutt – Lumen Studio

Topic: The Eco Build Experience


#008 Des Menz – In House Engineer

Topic: The Value of Water